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Help your students put down roots - provide them with membership in ASPB!

Have you thought about sponsoring your students' or postdocs' ASPB membership? If you submit their membership application with your membership fee (if you are not already current), you will get a $5 discount on the membership fee for each student you sponsor. All you have to do is submit this application.

Why provide ASPB membership to your student?

Students are the future of plant biology; if we get them involved now, they are more likely to stay involved throughout their career.

ASPB gives a wonderful opportunity to better understand the different aspects of plant science and cutting-edge technologies through its publications–The Plant Cell and Plant Physiology. It also provides extraordinary support from the plant science community in the form of forums and blogs. [For] a PhD student, it is very important to become aware of the nature of current work in relation to plant science by sharing experiences and information and by networking. For all of these, ASPB is the most suitable platform. –Prateek Tripathi, South Dakota State University

Give Your Students Roots so they can grow to become an integral part of the plant biology community.